10 reasons why you need to download iOS 7.1 now

ios7Apple’s iOS 7.1 update has been available for several days now, despite some fanbois refusing to download and install the update. You can’t really blame them if they’re not jumping off the bat to get the latest update, given that Apple’s past few updates often caused more problems than fixes.

Currently, some of those who’ve already installed iOS 7.1 on their iDevices are experiencing fast battery drainage and Bluetooth connectivity. To remedy the fast battery drainage, other users suggest a clean install of iOS 7.1 – which means restoring your iDevice via iTunes instead of using the over-the-air update. As for the problem with the Bluetooth connectivity, it seems iDevices running iOS 7.1 are finding it hard to locate with one another, like for transferring files via AirDrop. Some users suggest that they reset their Network Settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings then re-pair with the devices.  However, this only fixed the issue for some, while others were still complaining their Bluetooth no longer worked.

But should these issues stop you from upgrading?  You have to consider that these incidents aren’t widespread, only a very small number of people have been affected. There could have been some errors that occurred while updating, or it could be they just need to reboot their device to fix it.

Don’t let these minor mishaps prevent you from enjoying the enhanced features of iOS 7.1.

iOS 7.1 benefits


Faster iPhone 4

If you’re using an iPhone 4, you’d be delighted to know that the update delivers speed improvements for your device. When iOS 7 rolled out, iPhone 4 users noted that their updated device seemed to be performing sluggishly, as in everything took a lot longer to open or close or respond. With iOS 7.1, the response speed is almost as fast when the device was running iOS 6.1.3, so yes, users will see the difference. Also, Apple has improved the Maps app, and  iOS 7.1 now allows users to enable HFP prompts which automatically tells your car to connect to your iPhone 4’s Bluetooth when a voice direction needs to be played.


CarPlay support


This allows users to connect their iOS 7.1 device to any vehicle that supports Apple’s CarPlay. It supports Phone, Music, Maps, Messages, and third-party audio apps. CarPlay can be controlled using Siri or the car’s touchscreen, knobs, and buttons.

Improved Siri


Siri has been updated with more ‘natural sounding’ male and female voices in Mandarin, UK English, Australian English, and Japanese. This makes it feel like you’re talking to an actual person, instead of a stiff virtual assistant. Also, if you’ve been bugged by Siri because it doesn’t know when your voice command has ended, Apple has upgraded it so that users have the option to hold down the Home button while they are giving their command, and only release it when they’re done talking, so Siri can better understand what you want.  Just go to Settings > General > Siri > then turn on the option for holding down the Home button when using Siri.

iTunes Radio


The search field above ‘Featured Stations’ has been upgraded to allow users to easily create stations based on their favorite artists and/or songs. Users can now purchase albums with the tap of a button from Now Playing. The update also allows users to subscribe to iTunes Match with their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to enjoy ad-free listening on iTunes Radio.

Touch ID & Passcode


For iPhone 5s users, Touch ID and Passcode now has its own setup menu.  This allows easier access to Touch ID and Passcode settings.  Also, Touch ID’s accuracy has been improved making it better at scanning prints.



The Calendar app now has an option to display events in the ‘month view’ plus country specific holidays have been automatically added for many new countries.


Accessibility, Motion and Buttons

You can now edit bold fonts on the keyboard, calculator, and many icon glyphs, so you can better see things on your screen.  Users can also darken app colors and reduce white points for better contrast and visibility. For those getting dizzy with the movement on the screen, Reduce Motion now includes Weather, Messages, and Multitasking UI animations. And if you find yourself missing the buttons on iOS 7, you now have the option to display button shapes.  Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > then turn on button shapes.

iPhone 5s camera


iPhone 5s users may have noticed that even if they turn on HDR, when they exit the app, HDR remains turned off. Which means turning it on again when they next use the camera app. iOS 7.1 now have an option to automatically turn HDR on so users will always get the best image.  The feature assess the condition of the environment to know if HDR needs to be turned on or not.

Zooming transitions without the motion sickness

Not many liked the new parallax effect on the iOS 7, but they loved the zooming transition when opening and closing apps. To keep the zooming transition without the motion sickness, go to Settings > General > Accessibility then turn off Reduce Motion. Then go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and tap your lock screen wallpaper. Toggle “Perspective Zoom” to off and tap set, then do the same thing for your home screen wallpaper.

Circular buttons

iOS 7 delivered circular buttons on its telephone interface, but the call button remained rectangular.  Now, the update has changed more buttons in its telephone interface and everything is represented by a circular button.  This makes things appear more uniform or pleasing to eyes, the screen is less crowded, but some may get annoyed that the buttons to accept or reject calls or make calls are smaller and harder to hit.