April Fools’ madness: Nokia’s revamped 3310, HERE Papyrus & more

3310-pureview-featJust when you thought April Fools couldn’t get any wackier, here’s a few more posts from crazy tech companies announcing ridiculous new products, services, or even revamped versions of older technology. If you’re tired of playing pranks on your co-workers, say, messing with their computer screens, mouse, and keyboard, why not share some unbelievable news and see who’s gullible enough to believe it?

Nokia’s revamped 3310


The Nokia 3310 may be one of the company’s most iconic phones, with most people who ever owned one claiming that it’s the toughest device they’ve ever had. As such, Nokia is reviving the 3310 and this time it will be running a modified version of Windows Phone 8 to fit the unique 3” ClearDiamond screen. The device will be equipped with a 41MP PureView camera with Zeiss optics and Xenon flash.  Finally, it’ll come in a variety of colors such as the classic metallic dark blue, as well as yellow, blue, red and green.


HERE Papyrus


Nokia aims to dethrone Google Maps as the go-to app for navigation and to make this a possibility, the Finnish company has launched a new product, HERE Papyrus.

The HERE Papyrus not only provides a tangible map for users, but it also addresses the issue battery life on mobile devices as the HERE Papyrus delivers directions even without the use of your mobile device. A cool feature of HERE Papyrus is the LiveSight which translates augmented reality experience to the paper.

“We have taken the lauded feature of the digital app and overlaid this information onto our HERE Papyrus paper maps, meaning urban explorers can see their synched collections, discover major landmarks and points of interest by simply holding HERE Papyrus directly in front of them,” said Sehr Gefälschte, HERE Papyrus Product Manager.


HERE Papyrus is printed on quality, tear-proof polymer paper and is available in more than 400 cities, in 97 countries worldwide. You can purchase HERE Papyrus from your local newsagent, gas station or auto dealer.

SwiftKey’s Flow Hard


SwiftKey Flow users enjoy the ease of typing on their touchscreen mobile devices by just sliding their fingers to form words, but many users have been asking the company to make this feature available for physical keyboards too.

Now, the company has given in to its users demands and introduced SwiftKey Flow Hard. Flow Hard allows users to simply slide their finger from key to key to type out words, enjoying whole new levels of speed and productivity.

“Sure, it might hurt from time to time or even give you blisters, but with Flow Hard, even the most error-ridden sentences can be deciphered and corrected,” said SwiftKey in a statement.

“Our internal tests show that with Flow Hard you can be up to 257% more efficient than through regular typing – so what are you waiting for?”