Smart sneakers “call home” with a click of the heels

This week’s #WearableTech roundup features connected shoes, Pirate Bay’s new virtual reality project, and smart gloves for communication.




Virgin Mobile knows that people always want to be connected to the Internet, especially when they’re out and about so the company introduced SmartKicks, a line of connected shoes for both men and women.

The SmartKicks feature kinetic soles, Bluetooth speakers, and the ability to call home with the click of your heels.  It comes in two designs: the Smart-Letto and the SmartSneak.  The Smart-Letto is designed for women on the go, and aside from the on-board Bluetooth speaker, these femme-friendly shoes sync with mobile calendars and vibrate every 15 minutes leading up to meeting times. The Retract-O-Heel plug-in phone charger also enables smartphone charging on the go.

The SmartSneak is designed for people on the move and is motion-powered, so no need to plug in these shoes.  The sneakers come equipped with surround speakers on the toe of each shoe, a shoe-sole charger, and also syncs with mobile calendars and vibrates every 15 minutes, so you never miss a meeting.  Both pairs of shoes are available for $229.

The Virtual Bay


The Pirate Bay announced an initiative that will bring piracy and virtual reality to a whole new level.  The Pirate Bay is said to be working on a device in cooperation with russian, israeli and japanese neuro scientists that will deliver laser projections directly onto the user’s retina for images that are so life-like, pixels and resolutions no longer matter.

Audio is delivered in a range from 12Hz to 79kHz, and will cancel all noise from the outside world, submerging you to your own little world, void of any distractions.  The Virtual Bay will blur the lines between science fiction and reality as it will require the user to plugin into the brain so users can live the life of a character in a movie, game, series, or whatever the user wants.  Don’t like the ending?  Change it.  That’s the beauty of the Virtual Bay – it gives you the freedom to create your own world based on your favorite game, movie, or series.

Talk to the hand!


Tired of always holding your smartphone in one hand,  limiting the things you can do with the other?  Fret not, as HTC and Samsung both came up with a hands-free solution to keep people constantly connected.

HTC Gluuv

HTC Gluuv

HTC unveiled the HTC Gluuv, an accessory that seamlessly integrates with the HTC One M8 to allow users to experience a whole new world powered by gestures.  Like something?  Social fingerz allow you to use the thumbs up gesture to let your Facebook friends know that you like a certain place or a happy meal.  And if you’re a selfie addict, the HTC Gluuv features an 87.2MP camera that is activated by a fist bump.  The HTC Gluuv is also compatible with other accessories such as the HTC BoomBass for music lovers, and the fortifying Protekt for Gluuv security.

Samsung Fingers is a poor name for such a sleek product. Nevertheless, it’s the first all-over-hand wearable device featuring a flexible Super Emo-LED for the technology-sensitive consumer.  It features a wide 3-inch flexible UHD Super Emo-LED display, an advanced 16MP camera, supports the latest, fastest networks including 5G and Wi-Fi 902.11wz, and boosts a user’s creativity with dedicated features such as Finger Painter and S-tut.

What’s cool about Samsung Fingers is that it allows a user to communicate with two or more people at the same time, as it records and saves everything the other person has to say so the wearer can listen to it when they’re no longer busy talking to other people.  It also has Palm-Rec and ThermoPad, features that make interacting with the world more exciting.  Palm-Rec allows the glove to know more about the features of an object placed on Samsung Fingers and tell the user what to do with it, while the ThermoPad allows the glove to maintain the temperature of the object they are holding.

The handset also comes with pre-installed gestures which a user can make to automatically perform actions and if you want to charge Samsung Fingers, all you have to do is raise your hand, high up in the air so it can charge using the sun’s energy.

Don’t believe the hype


The devices mentioned in today’s WearableTech roundup can be obtained in retail stores found on Pluto.  If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on them, be sure to catch the next manned-space trip heading for the edge of the solar system, leaving sometime in the next millennium.

Happy April Fools’! :)