The design behind Chadder, John McAfee’s new chat app for security-conscious millennials


partner3Many are weary of hearing about online safety because of the potential permanence for things they post on social sites, through email and on the web.  This is especially the case when it comes to mobile apps and social platforms because of a variety of security and privacy loopholes.  An interesting new application has been emerged that is designed to provide a solution to those concerns. Future Tense Central, a company founded by John McAfee, is announcing the release of a unique security messaging platform called Chadder this weekend at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Imagine festival.  The product is the result of co-development with an extraordinary team of developers from the prestigious RIT institution formed as ‘etransfr’ along with Future Tense Central.

Following the release of the company’s first product D-Central1, Future Tense Central’s app privacy awareness tool, McAfee discovered the RIT team was working on a similar messaging system as his own company.  Etransfr has developed significant advances in internet security, which are integrated for the first time by default with this messaging app.

Future Tense Central will be joining Etransfr for the debut at the festival, where some of the brightest minds in the country will display their newest inventions, apps, tech, art and more.  The application comes with a motto that privacy advocates will love:

Say what you want!  (We can’t see it anyway!)

Feature-packed security for the app and millennial crowd



John McAfee, FutureTense and Etransfr

At the heart of the project, the developers saw an opportunity to show how, contrary to popular belief, the latest generation would embrace a secure messaging platform that is also feature-packed. In a briefing with Future Tense Central, the discussion at one point turned to the development of the project from the early stages and how an emphasis on design, function and usability for the target audience was a critical driving component throughout.  Searching for the right look and feel while incorporating the best features users are looking for today, they have put together a product focused on the results of these extensive design sessions.

Web-based key exchanges and full encryption



The architecture of the product features a unique web-based exchange of key transfer capabilities to facilitate completely encrypted messaging.  Similar to other features on popular platforms, users can control how long a message or file can be seen with the added control from the app to prevent screenshots and other evasive measures.

Etransfr’s founder Lexi Sprague spoke a bit further about some of the features built into the app:

“The application is simple and straight forward with a lot of power given to the user. For example the user gets to choose which information is shown to the public and is searchable. You may have your email on your account but it is only visible to people within your friend group unless you check the box that says otherwise.”


John McAfee @ Rochester Institute of Technology

Beyond this initial use case, the structure of such a security-based system is potentially extendable to a number of enterprise and business uses.

Additional comments from Sprague echo the mission set at the launch of the D-Central1 application from Future Tense Central:

“At the end of the day it is about giving privacy and control back to the user without scaring them off with complicated log in and messaging processes. The team behind Chadder believes there needs to be a balance between usability and privacy!”

The powerful combination of security, privacy and utility has legs that could take this platform a long way and with the millennial-focused features the team is predicting a hit app for the masses.  It is currently available on Android and Windows Phone platforms.

All images courtesy of Future Tense Central