AlchemyAPI releases API based AI image processing AlchemyVision

AlchemyAPI-logo-220-squareAlchemyAPI has been working in the artificial intelligence machine learning space for some time now. The deep learning-based artificial intelligence company provides advanced cloud-based and on-premise text analysis infrastructure that eliminates the expense and difficulty of integrating natural language processing systems into your application, service, or data processing pipeline.

Now the company has embarked into Image Analysis with the API based service AlchemyVision. To understand complex visual scenes, AlchemyVision analyzes and tags images to effectively carry out cognitive computing tasks. The API based system can take a photo, understand and map that image allowing computers to automate the task of tagging and classifying images into useful categories. The processed image can be used on a variety of industries – ranging from publishing to advertising, from eCommerce to enterprise search.

According AlchemyAPI, the service should be comparable to Google’s own image engine in precision. AlchemyVision is self-learning and constantly looking through the web looking for new images to analyze. AlchemyVision is trained to know more than 10,000 concepts, 1000 images and the company is adding more all the time. Moreover, the intelligent AI processing of Alchemyvision makes it refrain from doing ventured guesses if it fails to make a positive identification.

The Image Tagging API feature returns between 0 and 20 keywords for an image file or URL, summarizing scenes, objects, and stylistic features. The API is capable of identifying 3D objects such as buildings, faces, cars, chairs, dogs, and recognizing scenes such as streets, stores, beaches, landscapes, mountains, and detecting people, faces, etc.

“Many visual analysis applications today rely on tedious and expensive tagging of images by hand,” said Elliot Turner, founder and CEO of AlchemyAPI, Inc. “This new ability to understand visual scenes in their broader context opens the era where applications automatically extract knowledge from the billions of images we can access with our devices. AlchemyVision represents the first API capable of truly acting upon all of this information.”

AlchemyVision can be tested in a publicly available demo version, which you can browse around among the service’s own pictures and see which keywords found and similar. But far more interesting is the second part of the demonstration that allows you to upload the image and make the image analysis in real-life situation.

All data is valuable

What then is the potential of AlchemyVision and similar tools? The Big Data trend also includes image media as a portion of data and the analysis of visual media is still a big challenge. But it is a valuable source for learning more about users to improve both products and control marketing.

With competent tool for automatic image analysis like AlchemyVision, developers can create image based AI tools to track and measure everything in a campaign, including the images used. This can give brands a competitive advantage when targeting customers and driving sales. It also makes it easy for smaller developers to get started with the service.

AlchemyAPI recently released first-of-its-kind deep learning based Taxonomy and Sentiment Analysis APIs that allow ad networks and publishers to transform all of their content into valuable ad inventory. The API is more accurate when processing short, challenging texts such as poorly written tweets, mixed sentiment passages, and slang.