Professional services integral to Big Data projects

dna big data genetics genes codeBusinesses should look to professional services for expert help in all phases of Big Data implementations, writes Wikibon Principal Research Contributor and Big Data analyst Jeff Kelly in “Professional Services Play an Integral Role in Big Data Engagements”.  More than 70 percent of high level executives in 303 companies responding to a recent Wikibon survey indicated that outside professional services are integral to their Big Data projects (see graphic below). Wikibon’s Big Data market analysis calculated that Big Data-related professional services revenue topped $7.3 billion in 2013.

Issues driving the heavy use of professional services include:

  •  The lack of experience and expertise inside companies,
  • The relative immaturity of the technologies,
  • The need to customize projects to the specific vertical market and company, and,
  • The need to instill a new mode of thinking in executives, who need to make business decisions based on analysis rather than “seat-of-the-pants” guesswork.

Today, Kelly says, most Big Data projects are still in proof-of-concept. But the market is approaching a tipping point in the next 12 months when the first wave of these move to production environments. At this point, he says, enterprises will choose their long-term technology partners.


Kelly says that if anything businesses should make more use of professional services, both from large companies such as Deloitte, Accenture and CSC, and smaller, more specialized technical providers like Think Big Analytics and MetaScale. These advisors can more than earn their fees by helping companies advance their projects faster, better define their individual Big Data needs and avoid blind alleys and implement their projects successfully to maximize ROI.

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