Smart World Weekly: Connected ski goggles, a bracelet that zaps and more

This week’s Smart World Series features smart skiing goggles, a classical conditioning method being applied to wearable tech, a report on the projected growth of the smart city market, and a new segment in SiliconANGLE’s Smart World Series for developers looking to automate the app-building process for the Internet of Things (IoT).

snowboard winter sports

For those who missed this week’s Smart World Series, here’s a chance to catch up on the exciting developments in the connected world.  Each week, SiliconANGLE rounds up the top news trends regarding smart homes and cars, smart data centers and IT, smart infrastructure and all things related to IoT.


Smart Living gets interesting with ski goggles, Chinese cars

AR Devices LLC. has created a mount that easily snaps onto snow goggles for snow sport enthusiasts to track and analyze their performance.  Dubbed the GogglePal, it features a 6-axis gyroscope, long battery life and trail summaries, and it fits onto almost any pair snow goggles out in the market, minimizing the amount of gear needed to use this product.

To learn more about GogglePal and other smart innovations for cars and homes, check out this week’s Smart Living roundup.


Zap yourself into shape with new smartbands

If you find yourself constantly procrastinating or rarely meet your daily goals, then you might want to consider pre-ordering a wearable device called Pavlok.  It’s a smartband that reinforces positive habits by sending  30 to 340 volts of electric current to the wearer whenever the user strays off track, such as not going for a run when you’re training for a marathon.

Find out more about Pavlok and other interesting developments to help people achieve a healthier version of themselves in this week’s Smart Health roundup.


Middle East, Africa and Asia will win the Smart City market

MarketsandMarkets, Inc. released a report projecting that the smart city market will grow from $654.57 billion in 2014 to $1,266.58 billion by 2019, at an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.1 percent from 2014 to 2019. The report also stated that the Asian region will be one of the highest revenue generating regional market segments, with the largest market size.

Find out more about the report, as well as which partnerships and developments are paving the way for this billion-dollar market in this week’s Smart City roundup.


IoT developers feel the love with new API directory and conference

SiliconANGLE introduced a new segment to its Smart World Series called Smart DevOps that showcases the tools, platforms and products geared towards developers making apps for connected devices. This week’s roundup kicked off with a directory for Internet of Things devices, application programming interface and software development kits, and a conference dedicated to developers.

Find out more about this new marketplace and developer event in this week’s Smart DevOps roundup.

Tune in next week for more interesting stories, discoveries and innovations in the world of smart and connected things.

photo credit: Fotografik33 via photopin cc