Logentries updates DevOps Live Tail tool for real-time monitoring in cloud

man using computer in dark room screen glow privacy securityLogentries, the producer of a SaaS cloud-based log analysis tool, has added a new Aggregated Live Tail that provides effortless, real-time visibility for DevOps and IT teams.

Aggregated Live Tail is a product enhancement that enables engineers to select and monitor multiple live logs streaming into Logentries. The Aggregated Live Tail saves developers and operations teams a tremendous amount of time when pushing out releases across multiple machines, and allow developers to troubleshoot issues much faster than ever.

What makes this tool even more powerful is the ability to dynamically aggregate logs from across different sources into a single view, filter the live incoming events to only display the ones you want, and search and filter live data to highlight important events in production.

“We are very excited to bring Aggregated Live Tail to the Logentries Community and offer the ability to monitor all your log streams aggregated into a single view,” said Trevor Parsons, Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Logentries. “Unlike legacy approaches, our customers can now easily monitor in live mode 24/7 to quickly pinpoint where server errors are occurring in seconds.”

The company says all logs pass through the Logentries pre-processing engine that automatically tags and creates alerts on important log events and trends. The new aggregated view also enables automated, real-time filtering to only show events that contain particular parameters, which help to quickly identify the most important events amid billion of log files.

Logentries pushing into the team-based tool envelope


With custom tagging and filtering, users can correlate security and performance issues with broader infrastructure activity including application usage, server metrics, and user behavior.

Last month, Logentries announced team-based enhancements to its DevOps oriented log analysis tool. Log Annotations enable DevOps team to add notes and commentary to Tags, assign the Tag to other members of your team, and specify a workflow flag on the Tags to enable tracking of open issues. By centralizing issue documentation in real-time contextualized with log data on the back end, team members can communicate, share expertise, and discover knowledge without needing another tool.

photo credit: powtac via photopin cc