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theCUBE Live at IBM Insight2014 with Jim Green Cisco Systems
theCUBE Live at IBM Insight2014 with Jim Green Cisco Systems

theCUBE Live at IBM Insight2014 with Jim Green Cisco Systems

There are only two Internet of Things (IoT) markets: the personal and the industrial, said Jim Green, CTO for the Data and Analytics Business Group at Cisco Systems, Inc. While products like wearables and home monitoring are taking off now, the industrial IoT market is expected to surpass the personal market by 2017, reported Green.

The sheer amount of data that industrial IoT generated led to Cisco “changing the way computing has to be done,” Green revealed at the IBM Insight 2014 event. Now, he explained, “Data needs to be analyzed before storage.”

When the right kind of data is collected, businesses can achieve more accurate insight. As Green explained, Edge processing allows Cisco customers to filter, reduce, and aggregate the analysis of data before they store it and then run applications based on said data. Accomplishing all of this can get complex, which is why, Green explained, that Cisco and its partners are “putting together a model for IoT” to give enterprises a guide to take advantage of this technology.

Part of this model means striking a balance between automation and human input. The Internet of Everything concept, said Green, “encompasses the idea of people and objects.” Cisco enables “people to determine what gets stored, communicated, and organized,” but then amplifies those decisions into automated policy so that strategies can be implemented at scale.

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