Antix auto-creates a highlights reel of your top GoPro moments

Antix App for GoPro
Antix App for GoPro

Antix App for GoPro

All GoPro Inc. users are bound to have endless hours of footage stored on their computers and that’s where they stay, because the thought of actually going through them and selecting the best shots is a task you may rather avoid. A new app has been launched that could solve this problem. The Antix app will take your GoPro footage and, using artificial intelligence, automatically edits the footage. The end result is a complete highlights video.

The Android app makes use of a user’s smartphone’s motion sensors in order to detect when something exciting happens. The idea is that a user won’t be required to watch hours of footage, but rather the app will suggest key scenes to the user.

The first step would be to pair a user’s GoPro with the app – the catch is that your smartphone will have to be with you at all times. According to the website, “Sensors in your smartphone analyse your movement and performance. Antix tracks your motion whilst you’re riding using a whole host of sensors in your phone. With some very clever analysis, our algorithm identifies when you did something awesome and then locates this in your video footage.” The final highlight reel is then posted to the user’s profile.

The creators of Antix have also created a points system that will rate a user’s video and allocate points depending on the tricks involved. Users will then use their points to compete against friends and other Antix users.

Currently the app is only available for Android, however an iOS version is currently being worked on. The app can also only control GoPro cameras, but additional brands are likely to be added in the future.

Selecting the ‘exciting’ moments and allocating the points are all based on algorithms, so we aren’t sure how reliable it all is. The only way to find out is to download the app and try for yourself.

photo credit: Prairiekittin via photopin cc