Wearables beyond fitness trackers: Notable launches at #CES2015

NeuroMetrix's Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology

NeuroMetrix's Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology

Will Apple Inc. dominate this year’s wearable tech market? Or will something more exciting grab the spotlight? This week’s  Consumer Electronics Show 2015 could offer some clues as to who will win in wearables, and if this growing market will extend beyond fitness trackers and health-related gadgets.

Let’s check out what manufacturers have cooked up for wearable tech enthusiasts at CES this year.


Smarter Glasses from Jins Meme


Jins MemeJin Co. Ltd. will be featuring the Jins Meme smart glass at CES 2015. What makes Jins Meme different from other smartglasses? It sheds light as to the inner workings of your body. The device comes with eye-tracking features that allow it to determine levels of mental and physical tiredness. The Jins Meme also detects every movement of the eyeballs and the strength of each blink, which then informs the wearer if they become sleepy, allowing them to avoid potentially fatal situations, such as driving while drowsy.

With the accompanying app, users can see information at a glance that gives real-time information on how their body is performing based on various activities, such as running or doing yoga.

NeuroMetrix’s Quell manages pain


NeuroMetrix, Inc. is unveiling Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology at CES 2015. Quell is a followup to the company’s revolutionary Sensus Pain Management System, which helps people with chronic leg pain manage the pain better. Quell uses NeuroMetrix’s proprietary, non-invasive neurostimulation technology to provide relief from chronic pain or neuropathic pain, such as pain caused by diabetes.

Quell is lightweight, making it easier to be worn throughout the day while performing various activities, as well as at night while sleeping. Quell has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for management of pain without a prescription.

Quell is different from Sensus in that it can be paired with a user’s smartphone to automatically track and personalize pain therapy. The company expects to have the technology available for consumers by Q2 2015, with prices ranging between $200-$250. A $30 electrode would need to be replaced once a month.

BlueJewelz combines fashion and connectivity


Not many wearable devices can be worn at formal events, and this is what BlueJewelz, Inc. aims to address with its wearable notification device featured at CES this year. The heart of BlueJewelz is the Notif disc, which is a small device that fits into any BlueJewelz-compatible jewelry. The disc vibrates when you get notifications for calls, texts and emails, and it connects via Bluetooth with an iOS or Android app so users can set VIP groups allowing them to filter which of their contacts they get alerted to immediately via vibrations on the BlueJewelz Notif.

To stop the vibrations on the device, users just need to press a single button, which was designed with a gemstone to add to its elegant design. The device is water resistant and distinctly vibrates when the user gets too far away from their smartphone so they never need to worry about leaving it behind or losing it.

Early adopters will get to choose between two pendant designs: Heritage Hearts and Heritage Leaves, but more designs are expected to be available this month.

Photo source: www.jins-jp.com