Domain expertise and delivery is critical in Tresata’s enterprise software success | #BigDataSV


2014 was Tresata, Inc.’s first profitable year of operation, making it one of the first pure-play Hadoop companies to reach profitability. In his live interview at BigDataSV with theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Jeff Kelly, Trasata’s CEO, Abhi Mehta said the company succeeded by staying true to its vision, and that “the only way to make money as an Independent Software Vendor player is to build business applications.” The company’s unique approach is fueled by the fact the founders come from a large bank and had lived in “a data-full enterprise.” he added.

With data becoming the raw material of this new revolution in thinking, the three pillars to Tresata’s success are data, domain, and delivery.  Mehta stated having domain expertise and knowing “how you actually bring domain to solve business processes” are critical. “You need to fundamentally understand what needs automation. With data as the raw material, you can take automation higher into the stack,” he added. Delivery is also highly underestimated. “The reason why the large technology companies are staggering  is that every single part of the traditional data stack will be free. Pivotal has just proven that,” Mehta elaborated.

“We’re seeing an extremely Darwinian moment in the evolution of technology. Like every other massive revolution, the big winners in this race are not just going to be the deployers of business insight, but also a whole slew of enterprise software companies that support enterprises that are data driven,” but not technology companies, Mehta said.

Asked whether machine learning was the last competitive advantage in the industry, Mehta said “the competitive advantage in the future is data, not code.” Whenever you write code, that is machine learning.  “It is only a component to deliver actionable intelligence,” he explained.

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