Newest tools and modems for IoT developers, smart home builders

Smart World Series with SiliconANGLE

This week’s Smart DevOps features the introduction of Conditions for the Internet of Things (IoT) app development, a new developer console and a new cellular module for IoT-based apps.

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Temboo introduces Conditions for IoT

Internet of Things programming platform, Temboo, Inc., has released Conditions, which is part of the company’s IoT Mode and offers expanded features enabling powerful, fast development of IoT applications that seamlessly connects the physical and virtual worlds.

Conditions are able to generate tailored, production-ready code to execute any cloud-based processes on a device’s physical context, and also allows devices to take physical actions based on responses from the cloud. Conditions are currently available for Texas Instruments and Arduino microcontrollers.

Conditions allow programmers to visually specify IoT app logic by creating input and output triggers; trigger cloud-based processes based on data collected from sensors attached to a device; and use responses to trigger hardware actions. Input and output selection on Conditions is entirely visual and all the code needed for a complete app generated immediately by Temboo in the browser.


People Power launches FabrUX Developer Console

People Power, a technology company that provides apps, cloud and mobile services for IoT, announced the launch of FabrUX Developer Console which is designed to enhance and accelerate third-party IoT platforms, services and products with popular cloud and mobile software.

FabrUS Developer Console features four powerful software tiers: unified connectivity with device-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud connectors, analytics, community social networking, and a customizable mobile and web UI presentation layer. These four tiers go beyond the basic connectivity offered by other cloud software.

FabrUX is designed as all-in-one solution but it can be integrated with existing frameworks such as AllJoyn and HomeKit.

People Power’s Presence app now offers FabrUX Developer mode for iOS and Android which gives immediate control from smartphones over FabrUX-connected products.


Connected IO’s Altair-based cellular module for IoT-based apps

Connected IO, a company that provides embedded product engineering, software development and industrial design services to product and technology companies, has teamed with 4G LTE chipset maker Altair Semiconductor for the commercial availability of the LT1001 4G LTE M2M Modem, a low-cost, semi-rugged LTE modem for M2M and IoT markets.

The LT1001 is designed to be used as the communications engine for a wide range of products such as vending machines, kiosks, digital signage platforms, ATMs and other machines that utilize machine-to-machine communications for its operations.