Protecting data in production environments | #DockerCon

Mark Davis & Ken Durazzo - DockerCon 2015

While Docker, Inc. has been useful in creating containers for data management, putting that into production has been a challenge for those companies utilizing Docker tools. Mark Davis, CEO of ClusterHQ (the main driver behind Flocker), and Ken Durazzo, VP of Adv R&D – Office of the Global CTO at EMC, appeared on theCUBE at DockerCon 2015 to talk about the ways their companies are innovating together on the issue of optimizing Docker

According to Davis, his company realized a few years ago that “there’s going to be lots of people trying to put containers into production environments. And when you think of production environments, you think of protecting your data in a very careful way. And what we didn’t see when we surveyed the landscape was anybody really working on: How do you make containers that have data in them reliable, fast performers, easy to manage? … and that’s what led to Flocker.”

When hardware fails: A solution

When hardware fails, upgrades are necessary or containers need to be moved. “They needed a way to solve that problem,” he said. “Docker does not do that natively … so that’s where Flocker came in.”

Durazzo said that these features attracted the interest of his team.

“I lead a team of basically advanced research and development, and so we’ve been really at the tip of the spear in terms of looking at Docker’s open source and other types of things in this community and contributing back in many cases as well,” he said. “And we identified an area specifically within Docker that we thought aligned fairly well with Flocker in our R&D perspective, and that data persistence is kind of where we think that is going to be a big key role for EMC to play.”

That’s how their partnership began, Davis said.

“When we met with these guys … we just saw a lot of opportunities to do some clever things together,” he explained. “So the announcement is an integration with EMC Storage Systems, particularly ScaleIO and XtremIO … with the Flocker system, which is now part of the Docker plug-in’s ecosystem that was just announced a couple of hours ago.”

This ecosystem is going streamline the ecosystem significantly, Davis said. “Having this plug-in mechanism where everything can become seamless is essential here, and that’s why we partnered with EMC to bring in their storage system.”

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Image source: SiliconANGLE