Druva completes its cloud-based data protection puzzle with new governance service

data protection

With a significant and fast-growing portion of organizations’ files now residing beyond the firewall, governance has catapulted to the top of the operational agenda, a trend that Druva Inc. hopes to address through the latest addition to its namesake data protection service. The new functionality covers every major aspect of controlling the flow of information in a large enterprise.

That includes first and foremost ensuring that sensitive files don’t end up somewhere they’re not supposed to, which the governance toolkit accomplishes with monitoring capabilities specifically configured to track credit card numbers, patient details and other sensitive data  Administrators can see violations picked up by the engine through a dashboard that displays the details of each incident.

This visibility also extends to individual users and files thanks to a selection of specialized filtering options that Druva says cater not only to the operations professionals who directly handle the data but also the compliance and legal teams with the final say on that information. Avoiding the need for those decision-makers to ask – and wait on – their tech-savvy peers to manually fulfill requests takes a lot of the hassle out of the process.

That direct access can come especially handy during audits wherein a sizable or even all of a company’s information needs to be checked for compliance violations, a chore that Druva is tackling from multiple angles. In addition to the new monitoring functionality, the update also introduces a search function for accessing specific records.

The engine can pull files from employees’ mobile devices and the public cloud along with all of the associated metadata, which serves as an audit trail of when and where a certain file was created, how it was modified and other useful details. Druva handles all that information using a signature system that assigns each document its own unique identifier to keep everything properly organized.

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