Twitch eyes overseas gamers with more international events in Australia, Mexico and Japan

League of Legends tournament

Popular Amazon-owned game streaming platform Twitch announced this week that it will be expanding its worldwide presence with booths at more international gaming events. The game streaming site already attends major events in Europe like Gamescom, but Twitch will also be moving into Australia, Mexico and Japan.

“In addition to our continued presence at gamescom 2015 from Cologne, Germany, this year we’ll be dropping booths for the first time at PAX Australia, Electronic Game Show in Mexico, and Tokyo Game Show in Japan,” Twitch wrote on its blog. “All of these events will feature a stage for publishers and developers to showcase their games to audiences around the world and feature hosts from Twitch and the broader broadcasting community.”

They added, “All of this new globalization work builds upon our ongoing commitment to providing the best localized experience for our broadcasters and viewers. around the globe.”

Twitch announced that it will also be building its infrastructure in East Asia by adding several new points of presence (POPs).

“After widening our presence and strengthening our quality of service in the U.S. and Europe over the past few years, we made a concerted effort to provide the best Twitch experience to our many broadcasters and viewers in Asia,” Twitch said. “We’re proud to announce completion of three new POPs in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea!”

South Korea in particular is a key area of expansion for Twitch. It has of the largest and most lucrative eSports communities thanks largely to the country’s love for all things StarCraft, and South Korea is also home to the world’s first dedicated eSports arena, which has hosted game tournaments attended by over 100,000 people.

Twitch has come a long way since they days when it was still called The streaming service was purchased by Amazon last year for nearly $1 billion, and the video game livestreaming industry has continued to skyrocket since then, with Twitch leading the charge. According to a report by SuperData Research Inc earlier this year, eSports alone draws in over 164 million viewers each year.

Another report by SuperData revealed that the game video industry itself is worth over $3.8 billion annually, and Twitch is responsible for 43 percent of that figure. YouTube by comparison is responsible for 36 percent.

photo credit: IMG_0331 via photopin (license)