DigitalOcean taps Bitnami’s self-updating app marketplace to expand developer choice

The meteoric rise of DigitalOcean Inc. to the second place on the list of the world’s largest cloud providers isn’t owed to any one factor, but the simplicity of its platform can be credited with an outsized contribution to that growth. And now the startup is doubling down on that ease-of-use through the addition of a new catalog of pre-configured services.

The marketplace is courtesy of a San Francisco-based outfit called Bitnami Inc. that has quietly become a powerful force in the enterprise thanks to a simplified approach to application management that promises to take the burden of deploying and maintaining cloud workloads off the user. Its service takes care of all that and layers value-added features like automatic backups on top.

Making the marketplace available on the second fastest-growing cloud platform in the industry is a natural step forward for the company. That’s in no small part due to the fact that its managed model holds special appeal for the small developers making up DigitalOcean’s core audience, who usually wish to avoid handling the operational grunt work on their own when they can help it.

The partnership with Bitnami aims to enable precisely that, growing the relatively small selection of pre-configured images that have been available for users so far with the more than 100 popular applications included in its marketplace. The list includes popular content management and business intelligence systems in addition to dozens of development tools.

The integration extends DigialOcean’s ease-of-use to a corresponding number of additional use cases, which should accelerate the platform’s growth even further. It’s one of the first milestones in the aggressive expansion effort set off by the $83 million funding round that the startup announced two months ago, which will no doubt result in many more such announcements over the coming months.

Photo via Stux