Data governance: A balance between agility and bureaucracy | #Infa15

Rob Karel - Informatica World 2015

The current data management industry is being disrupted as a result of governance and compliance, according to Rob Karel, VP of Product Strategy at Informatica Corp. “Both bureaucracy and agility play a significant role when it comes to targeting contextual value within the customer’s data,” Karel told theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s production team, during Informatica World 2015.

Karel explained that Informatica provides a set of tools companies can utilize that extract data from different non-coherent systems, clean it, and then merge it and load it into targeted systems for further analysis. This can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to pinpoint areas of interest within the data and then act on them. 

Most important to business analysts is engagement data — social media interaction data — because it contains the contextually valuable data, like actions, interactions and even conversations that relate to a particular topic. “If we don’t know our customers better, we’ll have a hard time keeping them loyal,” he said.

Who’s “got it right”?

A good example of a company who’s been successful in embracing the Informatica technology platform, according to Karel, is Devon Energy Corp., which has been successfully leveraging the software in regards to its wellhead reports and analysis. The more detailed and relevant the data is, the more effectively the company can pinpoint issues and come up with a viable solution.

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Photo by SiliconANGLE