Customer focus, hybrid Cloud, and the ‘tech bubble’ | #OSSV15

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OpenStack Silicon Valley 2015 wrapped up its second day, and theCUBE’s team of John Furrier and Jeff Frick summed up the event by saying that the conference was really about the vendors.

“It’s about the industry players who are making it happen,” said Furrier. “The people who are the newsmakers, the thought leaders and the people building products. There’s some customers here, but for the most part, it’s mostly the players, the tech athletes.”

Frick hopes that more customers will be coming in the future. According to Frick, there needs to be a shift from just talking about how to build and deliver Cloud computing to how to present and sell it to customers.

The question of hybrid Cloud

Throughout the past two days at OpenStack Silicon Valley, theCUBE team asked interviewees about thoughts on the concept of a hybrid Cloud. After all of the input received, Furrier concluded that OpenStack is not the only player and that the picture is much bigger than originally realized.

“The notion of hybrid Cloud is still elusive,” said Furrier. “It is an outcome; it is not a product.” Hybrid will be a major battleground, with the winner taking a big chunk of the market. Everyone is generally in agreement that hybrid Cloud is ultimately the Cloud,” concluded Furrier. “Public and private are subordinate elements and subsystems to that hybrid Cloud.”

The ‘tech bubble’

A big topic of discussion at OSSV15 was the stock market, the supposed “tech bubble” and a future depression. “There’s definitely a bubble, in my opinion,” said Furrier. “I think the bubble is bursting as we speak, but there’s a soft bursting.”

If a company doesn’t have money in the bank or a good business model, they should be worried. Still, “innovation and technology will last through cycles,” and the big players like Intel will continue to create a good platform for the Silicon Valley.

Tune into next week to watch theCUBE at VMworld 2015, and watch the full day 2 wrap interview below. Also be sure to check out more of SiliconANGLE andtheCUBE’s coverage of the OpenStack Silicon Valley 2015.

Photo by SiliconANGLE