Newest developer tools for wearables, IoT security and more


This week’s Smart DevOps roundup features a smart environment platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), a new IoT development platform launched on Kickstarter, a fresh toolkit to secure the connected world, a software development kit (SDK) for wearable health trackers, and a new IoT acceleration platform. 

WiSilica launches WiSe platform for IoT

Internet of Things solutions provider WiSilica launched the WiSe Connect platform, an end-to-end solution for connecting millions of devices that can understand their environment and use predictive intelligence to improve the user experience, reduce cost and improve efficiency.

The platform leverages the company’s existing smartphone ecosystem and  proprietary mesh networking technology to enable customers to easily configure smart homes, buildings, lighting, sensors and wearables into intelligent devices that they can manage via mobile apps and in the cloud.

Some of its features include direct BLE connectivity to any device between device-to-device, sensors to device and mobile apps to device; secure communication; over-the-air update; and device location.

 TESPA IoT platform

A new hardware development platform called TESPA launched on Kickstarter, Inc. aiming to raise $30,000 in funding. Bangkok-based Sharnon Tulabadi, the man behind TESPA, touts the platform as one that could make the development process faster, creating an IoT solution in just minutes.

The platform is comprised of the hardware components, the TESPA Hawk and Wings (description below), open source software and a free mobile app to use with the fourth component, the TESPA cloud service, which is free and highly customizable for every TESPA Hawk.

The Hawk is a Wi-Fi microcontroller board that is based on the popular ESP8266 WiFi chip set and ARM microprocessor. The Kickstarter project claims that the TESPA Hawk was created in close collaboration with Espressif Systems and STMicroelectronics to ensure that it is of high quality.

As for the Wings, these are the sensors and actuators developers need to build various IoT solutions. Each Hawk will come with 20 Wings that includes a terminal block, microSD card slot, 10-degree of freedom (3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer, barometric pressure), proximity sensor, 8-CH 12-BIT analog to digital converter, indoor air quality sensor, 2-CH or 1-CH stepper motor, 16-CH DIO expansion, OLED 128×64, 10x RGB LED, capacitive touch keypad, prototype board, 2-CH relay, 16-CH 12-BIT servo motor, 7-segment display, 2-CH solid state relay, humidity and temperature sensor, infrared transceiver, battery, and light & sound sensor.

You can be one of the first to get the TESPA Hawk for only $15 and expect it to arrive by November 2015.

Webroot’s IoT toolkit

Internet security provider Webroot, Inc. announced the release of the Webroot IoT Security Toolkit. The toolkit allows IoT and Industrial IoTsolution designers and integrators to leverage cloud-based, real-time threat intelligence services to protect the next generation of critical systems against modern malware, zero-day exploits and other external threats and internal vulnerabilities.

The toolkit includes Device Agents, which detect altered files or those in anomalous condition and send the gathered data to the Webroot BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Cloud Platform; the integration of the BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services into IoT gateways and platforms to block malicious inbound attacks and prevent data exfiltration; and the Secure Web Gateway that inspects and filters all incoming and outgoing traffic between devices and their control system over the internet, intercepting malware before it reaches your network or endpoint devices.

You can visit to learn more about the toolkit.

FocusMotion releases SDK for wearable health trackers

FocusMotion (Focus Ventures, Inc.) released its Fitness software development kit (SDK), which allows developers using any platform and OS the ability to automatically track movements, exercises and gestures.

Developers will have access to a database of more than 50 exercises, including bodyweight, dumbbell, barbell and machine movements that will continue to grow over time as the developers can engage with FocusMotion. The SDK also includes Robo, a powerful machine learning tool that allows users to record their own movements and have the movement recognized and counted in a matter of seconds.

The FocusMotion SDK works on Android and iOS and is free for up to 10,000 users. It is open on any platform that provides direct access to the raw accelerometer data, such as Android Wear devices, Pebble watches, the Microsoft Band, and others, including the Apple Watch.

Sierra Wireless’ IoT Acceleration Platform

Sierra Wireless announced the new IoT Acceleration Platform, with claims of being the industry’s first integrated service platform that combines cloud, IoT hardware, and managed connectivity services to support worldwide deployments. The platform provides global multi-operator coverage by combining Sierra Wireless and third-party network operator SIMs, all managed from a single, unified connectivity platform. It also provides connectivity to Google Cloud Platform, giving customers the benefits of using Google BigQuery, Google’s analytical service, with data collected from connected devices.

Sierra Wireless can now provide customers with a comprehensive end-to-end solution including the hardware, AirVantage cloud platform, and managed connectivity – vastly simplifying the sourcing, management, and administration of multi-region IoT deployments.

Photo by Mark, Vicki, Ellaura and Mason