Twitter launches new curated news service called Moments

twitter moments

Twitter, Inc. has entered the curated content market with the launch of a new feature called Moments.

Previously known internally as Project Lightning, Twitter Moments presents the “best of what’s happening on Twitter in an instant” based on how popular the content is, and how much Twitter’s human curators think you might like to see it.

Coverage can include everything from conversations between world leaders and celebrities, citizens reporting on current events, cultural memes, sports commentary and more.

Accessible by a new lightning menu option at, as well as via the iOS and Android apps, content in Moments is presented full screen in a similar fashion to Snapchat, Inc.’s Discover service, complete with the ability for users to flick through the content presented by swiping at the screen.

Users are able to engage with a “moment” by clicking on it for more information, and once in, a swipe leads to further images, videos, Vines, and GIFs.

Naturally Twitter want’s users to share the moment, with a single moment having the option of favoriting and retweeting via a single tap within the story; during the engagement with a moment a progress bar is said to sit at the bottom so users know how much more of the moment is left to view.

Not happy with a moment? In Tinder-like functionality, users swipe up to dismiss a moment and to get to the next one.

Updates while a user in is a moment are indicated via a blue dot appearing on the screen indicating that there is new content, which Twitter claims is vital when following something such as a live sporting event.


Given their problematic user growth and reflected stock price, it’s understandable that Twitter has to do something to turn things around, and experimenting with new products is one way to do so.

The problem is though we’ve seen this sort of product before: think Flipboard or Snapchat Discover, and the thing is neither of those two services have taken off or been wildly successful.

Twitter does have the advantage of being able to tap into unique content being shared by celebrities, politicians, sports stars and more so perhaps the mix may offer something new, but on paper it certainly doesn’t sound exciting.

Moments is allegedly available on Twitter now, however as Twitter itself makes no mention of it, it may be restricted to the United States at launch because it’s not appearing on, or the Android app in Asia at the time of writing.

Image credit: Twitter