Worry-free travel with the AirBolt smart lock


Traveling can involve various other stresses, so you do not want to add to that list by constantly worrying about where your baggage is and whether it will arrive at your destination intact.

One company that is hoping to solve these baggage frustrations is Australia-based AirBolt. The company has developed an innovative luggage lock by the same name, the AirBolt smart travel lock.

The company has taken to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to bring AirBolt to market and their campaign has shown great success having surpassed its initial goal of AU$50,000 ($35,725.75). At the time of writing AirBolt has raised AU$74,253 ($53,054.88) from 666 backers, but with 36 days still to go that number could rise substantially.

AirBolt Smart LockUnlock your bag with a simple push of a button

No more struggling to remember the keycode of your travel lock, or remembering where you hid those little keys. Unlocking your Bluetooth enabled AirBolt requires the single push of a button on the smartphone app. This will obviously only work if you are in range of your bag. If you accidently unlock it, the AirBolt will automatically relock itself if the rope has not been removed from the locking mechanism.

If your phone dies on the flight or you lose your phone, the AirBolt can still be opened using the app from another compatible phone or by simply entering a combination that you programmed beforehand.

Always know the location of your baggage

No one wants their baggage to go missing, but it is a reality faced by millions of people annually. By using crowd-sourced GPS locations, the AirBolt app will be able to show the last known location of your bag, which will hopefully narrow down the search.

Handy alerts if you forget your bag

The AirBolt allows you to set up distance controls that will alert you either via the app or the smart lock’s built in buzzer. No more forgotten hand luggage or someone sneaking off with a piece of your precious cargo.

Fully compliant and TSA accepted

The AirBolt will obviously be TSA compliant, but it will be the first travel lock that will allow you to remotely revoke TSA access. This would be handy when traveling through a country that doesn’t use TSA standards and it isn’t necessary for them to open your bag. The AirBolt will also allow you to see a detailed log of when the lock was opened, to ensure you are constantly aware of who is entering your bag.

The AirBolt is being snapped up quickly via the Kickstarter campaign. With cheaper options already gone, you can get your smart lock for AU$60 ($42.87), but there are only 48 left at this price.

The expected retail price will be AU$79.95 ($57.13) and if everything goes to plan it will start shipping in August 2016.

Watch the video below to see the AirBolt in action:

Images via AirBolt