Virtualizing servers enters ‘enterprise phase’ | #oow15

Nathan Biggs

In the “early days” of cloud computing, Oracle customers raised concerns about performance, support and licensing. Fast forward 10 years. Oracle and other companies have proven high performance and support, but licensing remains “the last hurdle,” House of Brick Technologies, LLC CEO Nathan Biggs told Stu Miniman, cohost of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, during Oracle OpenWorld 2015.

Jim Ogborn, VP of client services and project management at House of Brick, also joined in on the conversation and said that customers have moved past the pilot.

“Customers want to know how to virtualize 1,000 Oracle database servers,” Ogborn said. “The tooling and the methodology are very different from what we saw a few years ago when we worked with primarily innovators and early adopters. It’s really entering the enterprise phase.”

Biggs said many House of Brick customers have virtualized 80 to 90 percent of their data centers. They turn to House of Brick for the remaining piece: Oracle database virtualization and cloud architecture.

The CEO noticed cloud as a top OpenWorld topic this year. He said it will take more than technology for cloud to become commonplace. “We need to consider the whole organization,” he said. “Certain lifestyle changes need to happen in order for the cloud to really be successful.”

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Photo by SiliconANGLE