BeeLine aims to deliver simple, smart navigation for cyclists


Cycling is a great way to get around a city, avoid traffic, be more environmentally conscious and ultimately stay fit. What is not great is cycling around a city completely lost and not knowing where you are going. Stopping regularly to check a map or check detailed instructions tends to be annoying and time-consuming.

BeeLine is here to help you avoid these frustrations by providing you with an intuitive navigation device to keep you on the right path.

With 11 days still to go on its Kickstarter campaign, BeeLine has surpassed its initial funding goal of £60,000 ($91,167.90) and is currently sitting at £109,995 ($167,133.55) from 2,352 backers.

Navigating the city streets with BeeLine

A navigation system for your bicycle is not a new thing, but trying to listen to navigation directions, avoid the cars, and pay attention to your surroundings tends to be difficult. BeeLine is planning to simplify the navigation system by providing you with a “stripped back concept of fuzzy navigation”.

No listening to directions; BeeLine simply points you in the direction of your intended destination and displays the distance you need to travel.

Setting up BeeLine is quick and easy. Simply snap the device onto your bicycle using the flexible strap which ensures any that any type of bicycle can be fitted with the BeeLine navigation system. Next up, select your destination in the free smartphone app, or choose from one of your popular destinations, and hop on for your journey.

Both an Android and an iOS app will be available.

BeeLIne easily clips on to your bike's handle bars.

BeeLIne easily clips on to your bike’s handle bars.

Whether you are riding in the early morning, midday or at night, BeeLine’s backlit e-paper screen will ensure your navigation is always visible under any conditions. The BeeLine is also both weatherproof and shockproof.

The efficient software and ultra-low power screen ensures you do not have to worry about the battery going flat while you are out on a ride. Based on 20 – 60 minutes of everyday use, the battery will last between one and three months before you have to recharge it.

Getting your hands on your own Beeline is getting more difficult. At the start of the campaign, you could get a BeeLine for half of the expected retail price. Unfortunately, those are all gone and you will need to fork over £45 ($69), which is still less than the expected retail price of £60 ($92). If all goes to plan, BeeLine will start shipping in August 2016.

See BeeLine in action below:

Images via BeeLine