Nest Black Friday sales: Best Buy discounts, bundles and more

Nest Learning Thermostat

Black Friday may be the best time of year to gear up on smart home devices, even from top brands like Nest Labs, Inc. The famed automation provider offers three products to help with smart home upgrades: a learning thermostat, a smoke + carbon monoxide combo detector, and a security camera.

If you’re interested in purchasing one or all of these products, you might want to hold off until Black Friday to get the best deal, but if you can’t wait, Nest is now offering the Nest Cam in bundles of three at $100 off at the Nest Store.

Best Buy is also offering the Nest Cam at a discounted price of $169.99 for a single unit, and if you purchase a Nest Learning thermostat from Best Buy you get a $50 gift card during its Black Friday sale.

No news yet if the smoke+CO alarm will also be discounted for Black Friday.

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Image source: Nest Labs, Inc.