This Smart Lock turns on your lights when you get home, sends mobile alerts when you’re away


Smart door locks seem to be a dime a dozen lately with huge competition increasing in the market. They all provide the same convenience of one-touch unlocking and locking of your home and the ability to provide friends or delivery people access to your home for a limited period.

One company that is trying to stand out in the smart lock market is Lark-Wi Inc. with the launch of their BLUEGUARD-E smart lock. The product is a collaboration between Lark-Wi and Chinese company Changhong Research Labs Inc.

Lark-Wi is launching their Kickstarter campaign today, with the hopes of raising $80,000 for what they have termed “the world’s safest smart lock.”

What makes the BLUEGUARD-E different to all the others?

One of the unique features of the BLUEGUARD-E smart lock is its, patent-pending, smart latch sensor. Compatible with both Android and iOS, you will receive alerts to your smartphone or tablet every time someone accesses your door, whether with the use of mechanical keys, smartphone apps, key codes or key fobs. The activity log will clearly show you who entered your house and at what time.

BLUEGUARD-E Activity log

See who entered your house when via the activity log.

Included in the BLUEGUARD-E smart lock package is the unique smart LED light bulb hub. Acting as a Wi-Fi bridge, the bulb connects with the smart lock, ensuring a light comes on for you when you are entering your home and do not have to stumble around in the dark.

Having someone gain unauthorized access into your home is a possibility when it comes to Bluetooth attacks on your smart lock. The BLUEGUARD-E smart lock is certified by ANSI and utilizes 2048 bit RSA encryption and has undergone tests by Changhong Research Labs’ white hat security penetration testing team to ensure it is the safest smart lock against Bluetooth attacks.

Prices for smart locks can range from fairly cheap to expensive. In addition to its unique features, Lark-Wi have also focused on keeping the price low.

With an expected retail price of $119, early Kickstarter campaign backers can pick up a BLUEGUARD-E smart deadbolt lock Bluetooth package for $79. Alternatively, you can get the BLUEGUARD-E Smart Lock Wi-Fi package that, in addition to the smart deadbolt lock, includes either an LED light bulb Wi-Fi gateway or a smart plug Wi-Fi gateway and a free smart door sensor. During the Kickstarter campaign, you will pay $125, compared to the expected retail price of $168.

If all goes to plan shipping of the BLUEGUARD-E smart lock will start in March 2016.

Watch the BLUEGUARD-E smart lock in action in the video below:

Image credit: Lark-Wi