A portable printer that uses AR to bring mobile and GoPro snaps to life is killing it on Kickstarter


A portable printer that you can use to print your favorite snaps while on the go is not new. Adding augmented reality (AR) to that photo when viewed through your mobile device is.

LifePrint is a wireless portable printer that will bring your photos to life when you view them through its companion app. The company is currently running a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter and has already reached and exceeded its initial $30,000 goal – with 24 days to go, LifePrint has raised $133.347 from 717 backers.

The LifePrint portable photo and video printer allows you to print Apple Live Photos, Vines, GIFs and more and is compatible with iOS, Android and GoPro.

Print your photos on the go

LifePrint uses Zink photo paper so you do not have to worry about messy cartridge printing. The device is lightweight, weighing just 200g and portable, measuring 5 inches by 3 inches. The internal battery will last for up to 15 prints and charges via USB. The LifePrint printer also has a ruggedized case, perfect for the GoPro user who wants to print his photos while out on an adventure.

Bring augmented reality to your printed photos

The unique part of LifePrint appears when you view your printed photos through LifePrint’s companion app, available on iOS and Android. Using its unique Hyperphoto technology, LifePrint will offer you the option to embed video clips into your photos. View your printed photo without the app and it looks just like a normal photo, but view it through the LifePrint app using your smartphone’s rear-facing camera and you have an AR photo that will play video and audio for up to 15 seconds.


LifePrint will aggregate all your photos and videos from your social media platforms into the LifePrint app, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. It’s also the first printer to be able to print Apple’s Live Photos and Vine videos. The LifePrint app can also pull photos and videos directly from your GoPro.

To remind you which of your prints include AR, LifePrint includes a small watermark in the bottom corner of your printed copy.

Pledge $159 or more and get a LifePrint printer, app, charging cable, 10 pieces of film and a ruggedized case. If all goes to plan, shipping will start in August 2016.

Images via LifePrint