Kickstarter funded YoCam is a tiny, waterproof action cam packed with features


Mofily has designed and engineered what it says is the world’s smallest waterproof camera so that you can capture all the moments in your life. Use the YoCam to capture underwater shots or selfies, alternatively wear or attach the YoCam to any mounting accessory. Use it as a baby monitor, a dash cam, or attach it to your backpack and capture all your events during the day.

Mofily is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its YoCam. With 29 days to go, they have reached their initial goal of $80,000 and have currently raised $140,043 from 727 backers.

The lightweight and versatile YoCam

The YoCam is a small Bluetooth and Wi-Fi camera that weighs just 55g ensuring you can use it in any scenario. The device allows you to record video at 2.7k/30fps, with additional options of 1080p/60fps and 720p/120fps. It also has HDR imaging, image and video stabilization and is waterproof up to 20ft.

To operate the YoCam you can use either its built-in shutter button or the Molify app. There is also an optional Bluetooth remote for taking photos or videos with your YoCam.

The YoCam has a variety of camera settings that allow for burst-shooting or delayed shots. Use the Life-Log preset mode and the YoCam will take continuous photos every 5/10/30/60 seconds.

You can record slow motion, time lapse and looping video as well as having the ability to adjust white balance, exposure, rotation, and stabilization on the app.

The 700mAh rechargeable battery will last up to two hours of continuous recording at 1080p.

The YoCam comes with a pendant cord and clip so that it is always close at hand, but there are also various other mounts so you can adapt the device to your needs. You can get a suction cup so you can use your YoCam as a dash cam, a small adaptor to attach your YoCam to a pole or even your dog while the swiveling clamp mount allows you to adjust the angle and orientation of your YoCam.

Pledge $149 or more and you can get your own YoCam, as well as a clip mount, pendant cord and USB cable. A saving of 26 percent off the expected retail price of $200. If all goes to plan shipping will start in March 2016.

Watch the YoCam in action in the video below:

Image via Mofily