The Lumir C LED lamp lights up a room with a simple candle

Lumir C 3

While candles can provide some much-needed light during a blackout, like lighting up a small section of a room, they tend to be lacking when it comes to using them to do much else, like working, reading etc.

The Lumir C lamp uses no batteries, plugs or electricity. All that is required to power the Lumir C is one small candle. While founder and CEO, Jay Park was first inspired to create the Lumir C while travelling through India where blackouts were common, the company want the whole world to benefit from the Lumir C both indoors and outdoors.

Since launching its Kickstarter campaign yesterday January 25, the South Korean company has raised $5,570 from 38 backers (at the time of writing) for its Lumir C lamp. The campaign has 44 days to go to reach and hopefully exceed its $50,000 goal.

How does the Lumir C work?

Using two semi-conductors, the Lumir C converts the energy that the candle emits as heat into electricity. The design of the lighthouse-shaped Lumir C then powers the LED light without any additional batteries or electricity.

How to use the Lumir C

Using the Lumir C, is as simply as lighting a small candle and placing the lamp over the candle. The LED light will then automatically turn on. Turning the light off is as simply as blowing out the candle.

The Lumir C comes in two options, the Lumir C Mood that provides soft, gentle lighting, and the Lumir C Spot that provides lighting that is more concentrated, perfect for reading or working.

Lumir C

The Lumir K

Lumir is also working on another product that uses the same technology as the Lumir C. The Lumir K helps to reduce the amount of kerosene used in lamps. The goal of the Lumir K is to solve the insufficient lighting problems experienced in many countries, so only non-profit organizations can buy the product.

An early-bird pledge of $59 or more will get you your very own Lumir C. If all goes to plan, shipping starts in July.

Watch the Lumir C in action below and see how this candle-powered LED lamp can light up your life.

Images via: Lumir