VictorOps DevOps road trip will bring practical tips to a city near you


Looking to help spread the love and joy that is DevOps agile incident management company for DevOps teams VictorOps Inc. last week announced its DevOps Roadtrip. The road trip will bring expert knowledge to cities around the U.S., including Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, St. Paul and New York City, starting late this month (March) and lasting until October this year.

Through demonstrations and talks, VictorOps hopes to focus on strategies for dealing with incident management and resolution.

The first stop in the trip will happen tomorrow, March 29, in Denver Colorado. Attendees can expect a talk-centric half-day event modelled after fast-paced TED talks and breakout sessions covering industry specific best practices.

“DevOps can be an intimidating topic to many in IT. VictorOps wanted to create a welcoming forum where technology professionals can engage with DevOps experts in the industry,” said Jason Hand, DevOps Roadtrip MC and DevOps Evangelist, VictorOps. “Throughout the country, we’ll spotlight notable speakers in an effort to share DevOps wisdom amongst those tasked with the hard job of maintaining uptime. Our hope is that attendees can head back to their teams with actionable tactics to not only improve their organizations, but also simplify their own lives.”

Attendees at the Roadtrip talks can expect to hear real-life DevOps implementation stories from local companies and learn about industry trends from renown analysts. The talks will also function as networking opportunities for finding others looking to implement real-time, agile incident management best practices. There will also be interactive Q&A sessions for participants to benefit from VictorOps’s own knowledge.

As the road trip continues it will reach Seattle, WA in June; San Francisco, CA in August; St. Paul, MN in September; and finally New York City, NY in October.

Spreading the seeds of DevOps necessary for ecosystem growth

As a startup, VictorOps has been running for almost for years and raised $10 million in 2015 to expand its incident-related monitoring and management services. The launch of the DevOps Roadtrip shows the company has a strong interest in spreading the knowhow.

This outreach matches the hopes and expectations of Gene Kim, noted researcher, author, former CTO of Tripwire, Inc. and author and DevOps enthusiast at IT Revolution Press, who sees DevOps as a still small but growing paradigm that benefits from sharing of knowledge.

“Local learning can be turned into global learning,” Kim said. Echoing VictorOps’s mission behind the Roadtrip and the use of real-life DevOps stories about implementation experience. “That really is the next step, an improvement works in one area now how can we elevate the state of the practice for thousands of workers?”

Readers interested in the VictorOps Roadtrip can find sign up information on the website.

Featured image credit: via Pixabay