SiliconANGLE Media welcomes Peter Burris to the team

Peter Burris

It’s been over six years since John Furrier and I first sat down in Palo Alto where we shared a vision for forming and funding a new business model in media. Since then we’ve merged the SiliconANGLE and Wikibon teams together and put our minds and efforts toward revolutionizing the way content is created and shared. For more than half a decade, we’ve been focused on using modern Big Data techniques and the power of communities to build out our media platform.  We have made great progress (not without some bumps and bruises).  Since that time, thanks to a dedicated team of professionals, millions of people across thousands of technology community domains have experienced our Web publishing, TV, research and social data platforms, and have actively participated in our growing communities.

Today, SiliconANGLE Media, Inc. is a thriving media business comprising of three unique brands:

  • theCUBE TV has become the showpiece of our organization bringing the stories and conversations of tech athletes to the broader social Web;
  • has become a signaling mechanism for news and innovation in enterprise tech; and
  • Wikibon has evolved into an authoritative and vibrant research community helping organizations understand how to apply technology to create business impact.

Today we’re thrilled to share with you that Peter Burris has joined SiliconANGLE Media as our head of research and member of our executive team. We’re planning even more innovation in the months and years ahead.  

Who is Peter Burris?

Peter is a 25 year veteran of the technology business and a well-known industry analyst, based in our Palo Alto offices. He joined Meta Group in its formative stage and helped grow the company into a $200M publicly traded, research powerhouse that was acquired by Gartner, Inc. Most recently, he was a Vice President at Forrester, leading the company’s CIO and business technology research.

Burris came to SiliconANGLE Media sharing a vision with our founders. Namely that the period we’re in is underscored by extreme disruption, largely driven by how consumers and brands are utilizing digital technologies in new and different ways. According to Burris, he came here because “SiliconANGLE is at the vanguard of understanding how digital technology can be better applied to serve the complex needs of the multiple constituencies that comprise businesses today.”

Burris’ role at SiliconANGLE Media is to help build out the content engine of the company with a focus on understanding the various ways in which digital technologies are transforming industries. Importantly, a main theme of Peter’s activities will be to direct the research team in leveraging our technology platform and communities to dramatically accelerate the time to create high value content.

You can meet Peter virtually on this video:

And here’s a recent conversation he had with John Furrier about digital transformation:

There are three main guiding principles worth noting in this discussion that will serve as guidelines for progress over the next twelve to eighteen months at SiliconANGLE Media:

  1. Community. We believe content development is no longer about being the smartest person in the room (SPITR), rather it’s about who has the best community and can engage communities directly at scale to catalyze conversation and excitement;
  2. Digital Technology. We are constantly asking our team to think about how organizations generally and specifically SiliconANGLE Media, are using digital technologies to enhance understanding and surface solutions to complex problems. Digital is data and data is our DNA;
  3. Scale. We believe that digital content (i.e. knowledge-based content) must be shareable and easily utilized by organizations, making it possible to apply information to solve business problems and create valuable business capabilities.

These guidelines are a key part of our “True North” and we look forward to sharing our upcoming plans with you.

Please join me in welcoming Peter to SiliconANGLE Media …