VictorOps announces DevOps mobile app enhancements to reduce team burnout

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The DevOps field is still filling itself out as teams learn to work together and provide services that once took weeks and now take hours. VictorOps, Inc., an agile incident management platform focusing on collaboration, recently announced a large number of enhancements to the company’s mobile app designed to ease team friction and burnout when attempting to meet those expectations.

The VictorOps mobile alerting application runs on both Android and iOS devices and provides a platform for teams to stay informed and in contact regarding the entire lifecycle of a software development project.

“Each day thousands of our customers pull their mobile devices out of their pockets in order to respond and solve problems in real-time,” said Joni Klippert, Vice President, Product, VictorOps. “This latest version release will give hours of time back to on-call teams by providing everything they need to investigate, triage and communicate with other team members right from their mobile devices.”

With this update, VictorOps is announcing a number of enhancements.

VictorOps in-app notification system provides a good at-a-glance summary of what's going on for the team.

VictorOps in-app notification system provides a good at-a-glance summary of what’s going on for the team.

These new features include bi-directional chat integration with common communication suites such as Slack and HipChat–integrated directly into the app so that there is no need to switch back and forth. New quick filters help with making sure that alerts get displayed to the people want to see them and in-app organization by team allows for rapid discovery of the proper contact to escalate an issue to. Changes to the app timeline also allows DevOps team members to quickly discover conversations and annotations that relate directly to the incident at hand giving the team a leg up on finding the responsible and knowledgeable parties.

The mobile app couples with a back-end web management interface for ease-of-use for people in the office (or remote at a computer). The entire platform uses a smart back-end connected to a monitoring system to percolate events to the people who need to be notified and connected together to deal with incidents.

Images of the improved app (for iOS) on VictorOps’s blog show a UI designed for usability and team management.

Especially noting that members can be placed on and off call, responsibilities set, and include management to help prevent team members who do not need to be part of a process are not yanked in. Problems can arise in any operations team when team members spend too much time on-call (due to expertise or area of knowledge) which can lead to sleepless nights or general burnout.

As a company, VictorOps is seeking to educate the industry on DevOps (and its own product) by bringing practical tips on the road during the company’s Roadtrip. Company representatives and speakers will visit Seattle, San Francisco, St. Paul, and New York over the next four months.

Release notes for the most recent Android version of the app (and iOS changes) are available on VictorOps’s web page. Both the Android and iOS apps are also available from the website.

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