Low-profile DNS powerhouse Dyn raises $50M to push ahead of rivals


For a company with over a million paying customers, Dynamic Network Services Inc. (better known as Dyn) has been keeping a very low profile. But that is set to change as the website performance specalist moves to step up marketing efforts using the $50 million in funding that it’s raised from Pamplona Capital Management today.

It’s rare for such a large amount to be provided by a single backer, especially amid the current slowdown in venture financing. And the round is made even more unusual by the fact that Pamplona has so far done most of its investing outside the cloud services market, in areas as diverse as oil exploration and tissue manufacturing. But all of that fits perfectly into the unique story of Dyn, an industry outlier based far away from the tech hubs of Silicon Valley in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The company had been around for over a decade time it raised its first round of outside funding in 2012, a cash infusion that enabled management to kick off a massive expansion effort. Dyn has since more than doubled its headcount to 400 and rolled out a slew of value-added services to complement its flagship domain name system. The outfit now offers functionality for identifying the source of website usability issues, streaming email delivery and even finding optimal data center locations for infrastructure expansion efforts.

Plus, Dyn boasts a network of nearly 20 data centers across five continents that provide a solid foundation from which to pursue its growth plans. Today’s investment should make the task easier amid the intensifying competition from rivals like Cloudflare Inc., which raised $110 million in a funding round of its own less than a year ago.

Image via Pixabay