Google Maps update introduces Wi-Fi only option, additional ride-sharing providers, more

Map and car

The latest updates for Google Maps ensure Android users are covered whether you have data or not with the introduction of Wi-Fi only mode and the ability to save offline maps to an SD card. Google Maps’ users living, or visiting, in cities across Asia and Europe also get additional ride-sharing options, including GO-JEK, Gett, and Grab directly in Maps.

Here’s a look at the latest set of Google Maps updates. Make sure you download the latest Google Maps app for Android or iOS.

Wi-Fi only mode on Android

Google Maps - Wifi only

The ‘Wi-Fi only’ option was accidently discovered last month by some Google Maps users. The new feature has now officially been announced, which will allow Android Google Map users to toggle on Wi-Fi only, perfect for areas with unreliable internet or for users who want to save data. The Wi-Fi only toggle is found under Settings in Google Maps.

The Wi-Fi only option is only relevant for Google Maps, so you can continue to use your device and other apps as normal.

Download maps to an external SD card

Google Maps rolled out the ability for users to download offline maps both for Android and iOS at the end of 2015, allowing you to navigate an area without data.

The latest Google Maps update, however, ensures you don’t use up storage on your device when you download various map areas. Rather Google Maps now gives you the option to download offline areas of Google Maps to an external SD card, if supported by your device.

The option to save to an SD card is currently only available for Android users.

Grab a GO-JEK, Gett or Hailo ride

Google maps - taxi

In March, Google Maps was updated with a dedicated tab for ride-sharing providers. In addition to seeing options from Uber Technologies Inc., you will be able to see and compare a variety of other ride-sharing options whether you are at home or abroad.

New options currently available for Android and rolling out for iOS include GO-JEK in three Indonesia cities with 10 additional cities coming soon. Google Maps will also display Grab rides in 24 cities across Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Options for Gett, Hailo, and MyTaxi on both iOS and Android also have expanded cities in the latest Google Maps update. Ride-sharing options have been expanded in cities in Ireland, Poland, Italy, Austria, Russia, and Israel.   

Main image credit: PDPics; Pixabay | Images via: Google