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Omer Trajman

The end of sampling

In the current hectic world of IT, filled with so many systems, it can be easy to ignore any sector that hasn’t caused an issue … yet.

Yet is the problem. There are plenty of examples where no one was looking at info and they got blindsided. … In this digital age, everything has to be up all the time,” said Omer Trajman, CEO of Rocana, Inc. Trajman said it is this gap that his company has worked to fill with what he calls total operational visibility.

Trajman was interviewed by Dave Vellante (@dvellante) and George Gilbert (@ggilbert41), hosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, during BigDataNYC 2016.

Rocana clients are usually not data scientists that understand the difference between analytic queries and full text search. They are generally IT people who keep the lights on and expect the software to do that work. This is where Rocana excels, both employing data scientists and delivering machine learning models, according to Trajman. “The software dynamically builds models continuously for everything it’s looking at and then shows data in a manner that people can view and easily understand,” he said.

Building a bridge between IT and business

But, unfortunately, many companies still view data as something that you simply collect and refer to when a problem arises. But Trajman sees it differently. “Collecting data is step one. You need analytics built in,” he said. Rocana offers an analytic solution that functions as an analytic toolkit that can continually be used for identifying and isolating the root of an issue.

“The IT guy can look at the metrics and say definitively that there’s nothing wrong on the technical side, so you know the drop in sales is caused by something else; perhaps an ineffective ad campaign or a shift in the market,” Trajman explained. “It brings IT into business and into conversations they didn’t used to have, using data they always had access to.”

Customers are realizing how useful this is too, and business has never been better for Rocana as it fills this need, Trajman revealed. In fact, he recounted the story of a prospective customer who evaluated how it was working for a previous customer and simply said, “That. I want that.”

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