Amazon offers up new migration service for virtualized workloads


Just days after tying up a deal with VMware Inc. to allow vSphere to run on its cloud, Amazon Web Services has introduced a new migration service that lets companies easily teleport virtualized workloads onto its cloud.

According to AWS Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr, the new AWS Server Migration Service will “replicate your server’s volumes to the cloud, creating a new Amazon Machine Image for each one.”

In addition, Amazon also understand the need that some admins may have to play around with their newly migrated virtual machines to get a feel for their new surroundings. As such, it introduced a synchronization feature that takes snapshots of the VM as its changed, making a new Amazon Machine Image with each snapshot. Once admins are comfortable, they can hit the switch to get it up and running.

The new service is available now in the US East (Northern Virginia), Europe (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Sydney) Regions. Amazon says there’s no charge to use of the service, but customers will be charged for S3 storage for each virtual machine they migrate to Amazon’s cloud, and they’ll also need to pay for its “Server Migration Service Connector” service.

What’s unusual about all of this is that Amazon is basically offering the same kind of deal as it made when it teamed up with VMware last week. When the two companies agreed to let vSphere run in the Amazon cloud, simple migration was a big part of that deal too.

Image credit: Nuzree via