Competition ramps up in the hyperconverged infrastructure market | #NEXTConf


Lenovo Group Ltd. is no stranger to enterprise, but to offer hyperconverged infrastructure on Lenovo hardware, the company partnered with Nutanix Inc. in order to reduce complexity and offer more versatility with its enterprise systems.

Gianluca Degliesposti, executive director of the Data Center Group at Lenovo EMEA, sat down with Stu Miniman (@stu), host of theCUBE*, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, at the Nutanix 2016 .NEXT Europe conference in Vienna, Austria. They spoke about Lenovo’s partnership with Nutanix and how it allows Lenovo to offer efficient, hyperconverged infrastructure.

The benefit of no legacy storage

Lenovo, an industry leader in hardware, partnered with Nutanix, an industry leader in hyperconverged infrastructure, in order to offer a product that combines the benefits of both. But Lenovo has no legacy storage products, and this is helping them create better storage solutions within hyperconverged enterprise technology, according to Degliesposti.

“We didn’t aquire the storage path, right, so it’s still the main IBM,” said Degliesposti. “Lenovo, not having storage legacy, can embrace much better the software-defined environment.”

Competition with Dell EMC

Lenovo competes directly with Dell in the hardware market, and now also with Dell EMC in the enterprise and virtualization market, and both have partnered with Nutanix to offer hyperconverged infrastructure. And while the hyperconverged product offerings from each company differ, the underlying fundamental hyperconverged infrastructure is the same, Degliesposti explained. But he said that Lenovo feels there are opportunities it can offer that Dell cannot.

“We embraced Nutanix after Dell EMC,” explained Degliesposti. “But we have seen that there [are] a lot of opportunities for existing Lenovo customers, and also because those customers are very loyal to Lenovo for several reasons.”

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