European trends: the mobile workforce and monetizing IoT | #HPEDiscover


For European organizations, technology priorities are moving to the cloud and building a mobile workforce and wireless technology that will scale in the future. Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. is not only meeting the demands of the market, but the company is designing infrastructure that will handle the future requirements for mobile engagement and the Internet of Things.

The company has key offerings such as Mobile First Workplace, a software layer designed to build an enterprise-scale wireless and mobile; ClearPass, powered by Aruba; and beacons that bring real-time location settings to your mobile apps.

To discuss the European market and the latest technology from Aruba, Alain Carpentier, VP of worldwide sales at Aruba, and Morten Illum, VP, EMEA, at Aruba appeared on theCUBE*, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, during the HPE Discover EU conference in London. Speaking with Dave Vellante (@dvellante) and Paul Gillin (@pgillin), co-hosts of theCUBE, the Aruba executives discussed the company’s mobile-first strategy and the technology used to run and secure it.

Working with European companies making the digital transformation, Carpentier talked about mobile technology being a large part of his client’s strategy. Customers are looking to be relevant and ahead of their competitors, and he notices a fundamental dynamic shift in the industry when it comes to air vs. wire.

The mobile workforce

Companies in the region are turning to a true wireless and mobile environment. “Customers far more aware of the mobile needs and capabilities of their workforce or their business. It is a natural movement as technology has evolved. The software stack has evolved. The security aspect has improved,” remarked Illum.

Many organizations throughout Europe feel mobile is the main point of engagement. A majority of HPE customers are replacing old wireless networks to run their entire operation on the next level of wireless technology. Additionally, companies’ use of location-based services is growing and becoming a market leader.

Infrastructure of the future

The HPE strategy uses software-defined networking to manage end-to-end architectures around mobile first. Not only wireless, it’s also wire. Moreover, ClearPass powered by Aruba provides security throughout the network.

“Mobile and wireless people wanting to upgrade, that’s driving today’s momentum. This intelligent edge is future growth,” Carpentier stated. Building the infrastructure for the future is critical for the company because it sees IoT on the rise, which he believes has no limit.

“We are prepared for this new wave, especially on security. ClearPass is one of the management solutions to secure the environment and to prepare for IoT demand,” he continued.

The IoT revenue stream

Illum spoke about the old way of thinking about IoT as being about connectivity. “Today it’s a revenue stream; it creates customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, improves service capabilities. This is a completely new revenue transformation,” he explained.

Aruba’s mobile-first strategy combined with IoT will offer many new opportunities, the duo explined. The company regards connectivity as the foundation for new services and Aruba as the base for exploring the IoT world.

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