Sprinklr debuts tool to help brands get ads in front of the right audience


Although Google Inc. and other advertising providers have built their entire businesses on helping brands target specific audiences, consistently showing the right promotion to the right people can still be difficult.

Sprinklr Inc. hopes to ease the challenge for users of its social media management platform with a new analytics tool rolling out today that’s designed to provide a complete picture of consumer preferences. It’s based on software that the company, which has raised more than $228 million in funding to date, gained through the acquisition of a startup called Booshaka Inc. last year.

The technology can pull data from a variety of different marketing services and turn them into audience segments without requiring any manual analysis. Sprinklr Audience expands upon Booshaka’s capabilities by enabling brands to easily identify anomalies in each sub-group that may undermine their marketing campaigns.

An e-commerce company, for instance, could use the tool to identify people who have bought a certain product and ensure that those individuals don’t receive ads about the item. Sprinklr Audience can also mix data from social media into the mix to help fine-tune promotions even further.

Overall, the startup claims that the tool supports more than 25 information sources. The list includes popular marketing automation software, customer relationship management platforms and payment processing services such as Stripe. Sprinklr expects to add more integrations over time.

Erik Ober, an executive with the firm who came aboard as part of the Booshaka acquisition, hinted that customers have much to look forward to. “We have exciting plans to extend our service and provide enterprises with even more audience insights, targeting channels and use cases that transform the way a brand connects with customers,” he wrote in the blog post today.

Sprinklr Audience is available immediately as a paid module for the company’s social media management platform. It’s already finding use at Microsoft Corp., Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. and a number of other big brands.

Image via StockSnap