Arxan wants to make JavaScript app security great again


Security flaws in JavaScript apps are well-known, but one company is aiming to make their security great again.

Arxan Technologies Inc. has launched Arxan Application Protection for JavaScript, a new offering that it claims will provide protection for JavaScript-based applications with a comprehensive solution designed to prevent brand damage, financial loss and IP theft. The technology turns applications into self-defending tamper-proof apps, the company said, by making the apps no longer readable to tools or hackers while also protecting cryptographic keys, sensitive data and communication with server application programming interfaces.

Applicable to all JavaScript-based applications, including hybrid iOS, Android and webs apps, the company added, the platform is provides easy generation of unique protections for each app using an easy to use, fully tunable and customizable protection design backend. The product is said to enable enterprises to protect their applications and services containing JavaScript code, allowing apps to run safely anywhere, inside and outside a firewall.

Arxan Chief Technology Officer Sam Rehman explained to Softpedia that the security tools also have an application for app users due to the need to protect apps, data, and keys on their devices. He noted that “for end-users, that means more secure mobile transactions, whether it’s mobile banking or mobile commerce. Also, your credentials and sensitive data are also protected, so you can safely use your devices, for example, to manage any sensitive and private data.”

Further details on the new product are available from the Arxan website.

Image: qubodup/Flickr/CC by 2.0