Amazon updates tool to move data from Oracle and Teradata to its cloud


Amazon Web Services Inc. is hoping to win over more customers from Oracle Corp. and Teradata Corp. by allowing them to import data into its own cloud data warehouse, Amazon Redshift.

The cloud giant announced an update Thursday to its Schema Conversion Tool, which can now migrate data stored in commercial relational databases offered by Oracle and Teradata directly into Inc.’s cloud service.

The AWS Schema Conversion Tool works by analyzing data and automatically converting most custom code, such as functions, stored procedures and views, into a new format that’s compatible with the new database. Datasets that can’t be automatically converted are marked so customers can do so manually.

“AWS SCT will run an analysis of your data warehouse, automate the schema conversion, apply the schema to the Amazon Redshift target and extract your warehouse data, regardless of volume,” the company explained in a blog post. “You can use Amazon S3 or Amazon Snowball to move your exports to the cloud, where Amazon Redshift can natively import the data for use.”

Another useful feature of the Schema Conversion Tool is that it can scan application source code for any embedded SQL statements before converting them. What this means is that Oracle and SQL Server functions are automatically converted into the equivalent service on AWS.

The newly updated AWS Schema Conversion Tool is available for Windows, Mac, Fedora and Ubuntu, the company said.

AWS introduced its Database Migration Service in 2015, giving customers a way to migrate their databases onto its cloud platform while ensuring all of the source content remains operational. That means customers can avoid downtime for applications that use the data.