GV leads $10M round into ambitious data analytics startup Incorta

data analytics

The most time-consuming part of an analytics project often isn’t the data processing itself but rather the preparatory work beforehand. GV, the venture capital arm of Google Inc. parent Alphabet Inc., is betting that a low-key startup called Incorta Inc. can help ease the challenge.

The search giant provided its endorsement this morning by leading a $10 million funding round into Incorta that bumps its total raised past the $22 million mark. The capital will help the startup spread the word about its Direct Data Mapping Engine, which aims to help analysts become more productive by reducing the number of tools required to make records ready for processing. More specifically, it  wants to eliminate the unwieldy data warehouses that enterprises historically performed the bulk of their number crunching.

Such systems serve the role of providing a centralized environment where information normally spread across different departments can be analyzed as a whole. To pull records from their original location, analysts typically have to create specialized extraction workflows that take a significant amount of time to create and even longer to execute. Incorta streamlines the task with a patent-pending query engine that doesn’t require nearly as much custom code to aggregate data.

The trick, according to the startup, is that its software skips many of the intermediary tasks normally involved in the process. Incorta doesn’t require users to organize different datasets into the same consistent structure before they can perform analysis and instead keeps them more or less in their original form. As a result, extraction time is reduced from hours to as little as a few seconds while many details that would otherwise be lost in the shuffle are retained.

This includes the access restrictions in the system from which a given dataset is imported. By removing the need to manually re-apply security rules, Incorta’s platform reduces the risk of information becoming exposed to users who lack the necessary permissions. The startup’s privacy-conscious approach may particularly appeal to companies in regulated industries where mishandling personally identifiable records carries steep fines.

Incorta’s value proposition has already attracted several notable clients including Broadcom Ltd., German industrial giant Henkel AG & Company and an unnamed consumer electronics company that is only described as one of the “top three” in the market.

Image: StockSnap