Trillium folds offline information into data-as-a-service offering

Trillium Precise

Trillium Software, a Syncsort Inc. subsidiary that specializes in data quality, today announced the availability of Trillium Precise, a new data-as-a-service offering that enables organizations to get a single view of validated, verified customer and prospect contact information, including offline data.

Trillium Precise combines the company’s world-wide postal and geocoding data cleansing service with data enrichment like email, phone, address and IP addresses. The company said accuracy is ensured by a constantly updated offline graph database that connects to an organization’s customers to match identity elements in real-time.

Trillium Precise can verify email addresses and phone numbers while adding in attributes like age and gender. This enables organizations to develop customer views that combine online and offline data, such as physical addresses and phone numbers. These factors are important in developing the vaunted 360-degree view of customers that is the marketing Holy Grail these days.

Trillium Precise services include:

  • Confirming that email addresses are valid, active and deliverable;
  • Ensuring that phone numbers are valid, in service, and match the subscriber name;
  • Identifying the location of IP addresses and whether or not they’re proxies; and
  • Determining whether a postal address is a post office box, single- or multi-unit dwelling.

Trillium can also provide drill-down information on offline data, such as the name of a telephone subscriber, whether the number is associated with a business and the gender and approximate age of the phone subscriber or postal addressee.

The data quality services can be used to confirm the accuracy of existing data and to build out richer customer records for segmentation and analytics. They can also be used to identify attributes of online interactions to support risk determinations, and to detect potential fraudulent transactions attempted via proxy servers or temporary email addresses.

Pricing wasn’t announced.

Image: Trillium Software