Microsoft extends Windows Server, SQL support for six years


Microsoft Corp. has delivered its “Premium Assurance” product that was unveiled last year.

The new offering ensures enterprises will receive security updates and bug fixes to Windows Server and SQL Server for an additional six years after the official support period ends. Microsoft is also offering incentives for enterprises to sign up now.

The company’s traditional support offering typically covers its products for five years under “Mainstream Support,” which provides updates with new functionality and bug fixes, as well as full security support. In addition, the Redmond company provides “Extended Support” with the same updates for an additional five years.

Any enterprise that signs up for Premium Assurance will receive an extra six years of security updates and fixes which are rated as “Important” or “Critical.” To be eligible for Premium Assurance, companies need to have an Enterprise Agreement or Enterprise Agreement Subscription, Enrollment for Education Solutions subscription or a Server and Cloud Enrollment

To sweeten the deal, Microsoft is offering customers discounts to sign up sooner rather than later. Those who sign up between now and June will have to pay 5 percent of their current licensing costs for each year they’re covered. From July 2017 to June 2018 companies have to pay 7 percent, rising to 9 percent from June 2018 to July 2019 and to 12 percent from July 2019 on.


Microsoft neglects to mention that any company that wishes to take it up on its Premium Assurance offer is making an almighty commitment of 16 years to a single platform – a pretty bold step for any company in this day and age when the pace of tech evolution is accelerating faster than ever before.

Photo: TechStage / Compfight cc