StatX raises $2.5M to help mobile workers always stay in the loop


Although it’s a fairly basic task in theory, staying on top of business updates can be a major hassle for workers because company data is usually spread across multiple systems. StatX Inc. sees an opportunity to change the situation.

The Santa Clara, California-based startup hit the scene on Thursday with a mobile notification service designed to help business professionals keep themselves in the loop more easily. It provides a centralized feed that can aggregate important data from all the tools used to support a company’s operations, including both cloud services and traditional on-premises software. Updates are displayed in the form of bite-sized visualizations that are designed to be quickly understood.

The specific format of each notification varies based on its contents. If workers want to track, say, their team’s sales performance, StatX can visualize deal volume as a progress bar to show how much there’s left go until the quarterly revenue goal. More complex types of data such as inventory information and operating costs are turned into full-blown graphs that individually highlight each key metric. 

StatX bills its app as a more convenient alternative to the custom dashboards that companies have traditionally used to disseminate business information. Moreover, it can also substitute Slack and email by enabling workers to create ad-hoc visualizations for colleagues instead of manually communicating updates the old-fashioned way.

The few seconds that StatX can save here or there can add up over the course of a workday. Across an entire organization, the resulting time savings could make a noticeable impact on employee output. It’s a value proposition that has enabled the startup to attract $2.5 million in seed funding ahead of this week’s launch announcement.

The capital was provided by Signia Venture Partners, Inventus Capital Partners and XSeed Capital. StatX will use the funding to step up feature development efforts and spread the word about its service. 

Image: StockSnap