Iguazio speeds up big data delivery with continuous analytics platform


Data platform-as-a-service company iguazio is having a crack at the highly competitive big data analytics business with the launch of a new “continuous analytics” platform.

The company said the idea behind its new platform, to be introduced today at Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose, California, is to speed up and simplify big data analytics to the point where organizations can generate insights in a matter of seconds, as opposed to hours. The startup, which last year launched its Enterprise Data Cloud platform, said its new solution achieves this by eliminating complexities in the data pipeline that can limit the speed of access.

More specifically, iguazio’s latest solution employs what the company terms a “continuous data consumption” model – ingesting, enriching, analyzing and serving up data through a unified platform for business applications to access. Crucially, the new solution uses a combination of streaming, object and database APIs to ensure the same data records can be accessed simultaneously by multiple applications.

The solution integrates with the big data processing framework Apache Spark, the open-source SQL Query engine Presto and the application container orchestration platform Kubernetes to accelerate insight generation. Iguazio’s platform also comes with built-in security measures to ensure that data can be shared safely between users in different business units, the company said.

“It’s a complete re-thinking of the traditional data pipeline, where data has been collected into static files and logs and processed later in a multi-stage approach,” said iguazio Chief Executive Asaf Somekh.

Iguazio executives made some pretty impressive claims about the new platform’s capabilities, saying it can handle 10 million transactions per second with sub-100-microsecond application latencies, across streaming, NoSQL, objects or files.

“Digital transformation is leading us to agile data consumption, and continuous analytics is its cornerstone,” said John L. Myers, managing research director at the technology analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates Inc. “Iguazio’s continuous data consumption approach empowers organizations to ingest data into a unified repository and run multiple stateless processing engines which enrich, aggregate, infer and act on the data to enable this transformation.”

Iguazio said a number of early adopters have benefited from the faster data pipelines its continuous analytics solution provides, including car ride sharing services, stock exchanges, global banks, cloud service companies and large-scale Internet of Things deployments.

Image: iguazio