Big data market to become more integrated as it grows, analyst says

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The big data and analytics market place will grow 27 percent overall in 2017, writes Wikibon Lead Big Data and Analytics Analyst George Gilbert. Growth will shift up the stack from hardware and infrastructure to analytics and applications, and the technology will mature from its current fragmented state to become more integrated. For example, applications will gain more built-in advanced analytics capabilities.

Advanced analytics will evolve from its current status as a stand-alone data science tool kit into API-accessible models that can be plugged into applications. IoT will have a major impact on the market, particularly in shifting emphasis to edge computing.

In his recently published “2017 Big Data and Analytics Forecast,” Gilbert breaks the market down into several segments, including analytics applications, machine learning and data science, and analytic and application databases. He provides a detailed analysis and forecasts of what to expect in each of these areas in terms of changing market growth rates, technology and who will be the major players. He also looks at trends in the underlying hardware, including the impact of flash storage on the overall hardware platform.

In the near term, he concludes, big data users should expect their vendors to provide greater product integration to simplify development and administration of applications and analysis programs. In the meantime, he suggests that users engage professional services firms, which, he predicts, will play a major part in the market and see their own major growth phase, to help simplify today’s big data science experiments.

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