Watch live from BigData SV: Has Hadoop fizzled out?


How is the enterprise monetizing new technology trends in big data? Who’s turning Spark into a service?

Kicking off today to answer those and other questions, Big Data Silicon Valley, hosted by theCUBE, will run through March 16 in San Jose, California. SiliconANGLE will provide exclusive interviews from BigData SV from its live streaming mobile studio theCUBE. (* Disclosure below.)

“The big-data rocket that was supposed to be Hadoop is fizzling — it spawned numerous projects that led to more complexities. Spark and other innovations have emerged to address those complexities,” said Dave Vellante, co-founder and chief analyst at Wikibon Research (Wikibon is owned by the same parent company as SiliconANGLE).

The Apache Spark big data processing framework has quickly grown into one of the major big data ecosystem projects. It will account for more than a third of all big data spending by 2022, which will be close to $70 billion a year by that stage, according to Wikibon big-data analyst George Gilbert.

At BigData SV, theCUBE will explore which companies will benefit from Spark. “Cloudera committed heavily to Spark and has experience selling Hadoop to enterprise,” said Gilbert.

One of the top players in the big data market, Cloudera Inc. filed its S-1 paperwork for an initial public offering last week at a $4.1 billion valuation. Cloudera is set to become only the second big data company to go public, following in the footsteps of Hortonworks Inc. The company announced a jointly tested solution last month, together with Intel Corp. that with Apache Spark and Intel Math Kernel Library Integration can speed up machine learning workloads in less time and with less hardware.  

There are plenty of other companies who are doing interesting things in big data, including iguazio, Splice Machine Inc. and Snappy Data. In addition, Splunk Inc., who, according to Gilbert is the anti-Hadoop, is “building products that work right out the box, everything together.”   

Other hot topics that will be explored at Big Data SV include machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. “The question is, is this new wine, same bottle?” said Vellante. “Or is it new innovation that will drive substantive business models? The jury is still out, but we’re leaning toward the latter.”

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