New features for IBM’s enterprise social network, Connections


IBM Corp. announced new features for its enterprise social network, Connections, that will be available for users on March 28.

IBM Connections, which was first released in 2007, is a collaborative tool that provides enterprise users with a single interface for social networking both inside and outside the company. The platform operates as both an internal workflow communications platform and an external networking application.

The changes for IBM Connections 6.0 includes integration with IBM Cloud Object Storage, a simplified onboarding process for new employees and a feature that highlights the most important information for users. In addition, IBM has also introduced improved file distribution services as well as analytics across multiple channels.  

Here’s a look at the new features for IBM Connections 6.0:

“Orient Me” highlights most useful content

The new “Orient Me” feature places the most useful information from an employee’s social network front and center. Using a new containerized, API-driven architecture, “Orient Me” provides users with the most relevant information from their network.

Improved file distribution services

IBM Connections provides a number of features to help employees distribute and collaborate on files. These features include desktop sync, large file uploads and rich text editor. In addition, there are also new preview and editing features in File Viewer and search improvements to easily find the required file.

Simplified onboarding process with Touchpoint

The new “Touchpoint” feature will provide new employees with a simpler onboarding process to start working more efficiently. This includes an easy login procedure, ability to easily follow colleagues and join communities.

In addition, IBM stated that Touchpoint makes community management easier for network administrators by allowing designs to be copied from existing communities.

Analytics across various channels

IBM Connections’ interface allows enterprise employees to connect with fellow team members and collaborate on work documents in one place. In addition, through Connections 6.0, IBM is providing a social network to companies that can leverage analytics across multiple channels like blogs, wikis, activity streams, etc.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

In order to assist companies to capture, store and analyze the employee data they are collecting, Connections 6.0 now integrates with IBM Cloud Object Storage. With the new integration, employers can analyze and learn from the social data of current and future employees.

Image: IBM