Nice Software enables high-performance computing on Amazon’s cloud


Nice Software s.r.l., the Italian high-performance computing company that was acquired by Amazon Web Services last year, has announced a new service that simplifies high-performance computing cluster deployments on AWS’ cloud.

The service is called EnginFrame 2017. It’s designed to run on the AWS cloud and enables easy deployments of Linux-based HPC clusters in under an hour, the company says.

“High-performance computing” refers to the practice of aggregating computing power in a way that delivers much higher performance than one could get out of a typical desktop computer or workstation in order to solve large problems in science, engineering, or business. The most common users of HPC systems are scientific researchers, engineers and academic institutions. However, some government agencies, particularly the military, also rely on HPC for complex applications.

According to AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr, EnginFrame 2017 uses something called a CloudFormation template, available from Nice’s website, which automates the deployment of new clusters. Each new cluster that’s launched with EnginFrame 2017 is hosted in its own, dedicated AWS Virtual Private Cloud, with data being stored on the AWS Elastic File System. Users can be organized with the AWS Directory Service, while the service can be scaled out using the AWS Application Load Balancer, Barr explains in his blog post.

“These managed services allow you to focus on your workloads and your work,” Barr wrote. “You don’t have to worry about system software upgrades, patches, scaling of processing or storage, or any of the other responsibilities that you’d have if you built and ran your own clusters.”

EnginFrame 2017 is available now, with pricing based on the amount of AWS resources used, including EC2 instances, EFS storage and any other features. There’s also a free 90-day trial period, after which licensing will apply to the number of concurrent users, Barr said. EnginFrame 2017 can also be deployed in companies on-premises data centers.

Image: Amazon Web Services